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Iron Warrior Award
In honor of Cpl Billy McMillan Paul VI Boys' Lacrosse program awards the Iron Warrior Award in the Winter and Summer.  

William L Mcmillan III

William L Mcmillan III

Cpl William “Bill” McMillan, a combat medic with the 121 Infantry Stryker Brigade out of Schoffield Barracks, Oahu, was killed in Iraq by a roadside bomb on July 8, 2008.  Bill lived life to the fullest and dearly loved his wife, Elizabeth, his mom and dad, his brother Brad and his sister, Lauren.  He found his passion in being a medic and loved taking care of the Iraqi children and his fellow soldiers. 

He brought out the best in people by his contagious smile and his sense of humor.  He was a loyal friend to those who knew him and he found something to smile about every day he lived.  He found the love of his life and had great plans for the future.  Those of us who are left behind will honor him by finding something to be happy about every day though without him, this is a very difficult task.  (Mrs. Marge McMillan/Mother of Billy McMillan).

Paul VI Boys' Lacrosse Iron Warrior Award Recipents:

Fall 2012 - Eathan Powley

Fall 2015 - Ryan Lamb